perpetuum mobile I | fourth dimension | 2014 | op art |

Perpetuum Mobile I

  • Different illusions according to the angle of your look, the brain complete these illusions by sliding non-existent geometrical forms in the work.
    What you do not see in the pictures is the fourth dimension.
    The camera can not yet capture this dimension, certainly in the future, not today.
    Perpetuum mobile I
    Op art
    70,5 x 103 x 3,5 cm
    Plexiglas and oil painting
    available – price on request
    RTS | Swiss Television | Night News 7.30 pm | 15.08.2016 |
    L’Extension / autumn 2014 / Swiss magazine / Geneva /
  • Exhibition in Moscow  Channel One Television | November 2016
  • Museum collection                                                                                   2017 POPA Museum (Op art Museum) Porrentruy Switzerland
  • © 2014 | Youri Messen-Jaschin |
    Photography … 2014 | © Pierre-Michel Delessert |
    ® 2014 | Prolitteris | 8033 Zurich |
    op art meets the neurosciences
    Youri Messen-Jaschin Portfolio

1 Comment

  1. bravo.
    Hintendrein könnte man sagen sei das absehbar gewesen bei diesen Topresultaten.
    In Kombination Deiner jahrelangen engen Sammlerbeziehungen ist Dir das nur zu gönnen auch in Anbetracht Deiner Risikobereitschaft – Hut ab vor dem Reisenden aus Norden über den Süden in die Mitte…
    Alles Gute Dir dr’Lorenz

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