L’Op art rencontre les neurosciences interview Le Grand Soir

notre invité principal est M. Youri Messen-Jaschin, artiste plasticien. Il vient nous présenter son livre ” L’OP ART – rencontre les neurosciences.” ISBN 978-2-8289-1888-0 , cet ouvrage propose de questionner l’art optique comme possible remède pour soulager, voire guérir certaines maladies psychiques. Dès 20 h M. Ronald Cicurel, Docteur en science et auteur, viens nous parler du rôle du cerveau dans la perception de lʹArt.

collector’s version, book + a printed silkscreen, numbered from 1 to 15.

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Silkscreen: Paper Plike Purple 240 g/m2 // 50 x 50 cm

Hard cover book
180 pages
Authors Prof. Bogdan Draganski (Neuroscientist CHUV Lausanne), Youri Messen-Jaschin (Op art research), Dr. Noemie Combe (mathematics researcher Institut Planck Leipzig), Prof. Richard Frakowiak (Neuroscientist), Laurent Delaloye (art critic and collector), Eliza Kaiser (Art historian), João P. Manaia (Art historian), Louis Vodoz (writer), Maurane Chollet (Future doctor)

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The simpler version can be bought in international bookstores available 25 November 2021 / Editor Favre ISBN 978-2-8289-1888-0

Linen Canvas

1 m 80 x 1m 80

Award 2021

© 2021 Youri Messen-Jaschin

® 2021 Prolitteris Zürich

Award 2021 – Lecce (Italy ) 10 July 2021 Premio Internationale d’Arte | Accademia Italia in Arte Italia nel Mondo


TALENT PRIZE AWARD 2021 Youri Messen-Jaschin Switzerland Art Show International Gallery A Contemporary Fine Art Gallery Los Angeles USA

Youri Messen-Jaschin & Marina Ivanova ® Prolitteris Zürich


Lorenz Boegli

  • Award 2019
  • 3 Awards / USA | 2019 | 
  • Art Room Gallery | Excellent artwork   
  • Circle Foundation for the art | Remarquable aesthetic and higher technical and creative  standard. silkscreen is very remarkable 
  • Artavita Gallery | Certificat of Excellence “   
  • 1 Awards | Italy | 2019 |
  • Accademia In Arte del Mondo 
  • 15 print’s
  • Handmade rag paper radiant white | original deckle edge with watermark | 280g/m2
  • format paper 72 x 101 cm
  • format screen printing 48 x 48 cm

© 2019 by Youri Messen-Jaschin | Lausanne | Switzerland ||  Screen printing: Lorenz Boegli | atelier für Siebdruck Müntschemier | Switzerland  | ® 2019 Prolitteris 8024 Zürich

RTS | night news of the Swiss television report “Brain project and Op art by Youri Messen-Jaschin”” 7.30 pm
A team from Lausanne University Hospital, laboratory of Neuroscience has joined an artist to understand the possibly to treat some psychiatric disorders with the Op art.

Youri Messen-Jaschin new screenprinting Artifact I


  • Award 2019
  • 2 Awards / USA | 2019 |
  • Circle Foundation for the art | Remarquable aesthetic and higher technical and creative  standard. silkscreen is very remarkable
  • Artavita Gallery | Certificat of Excellence “ 
  • 3D effects cannot be perceived by the photo objective, you have to see the original to discover all effects, red is metallic..
    Artifact I
    1/15 prints
    Print 69 x 69,5 cm
    Mirriboard Paper 365 gm2
    available – price on request
  • Exhibition in: Moscow | Channel One Television | November 2016
    © 2016 photography | Pierre-Michel Delessert| Switzerland
    ® 2016 Prolitteris Universitaetstrasse 100 CH. 8033 Zurich Switzerland
  • © 2016 Youri Messen-Jaschin
    Collector’s comment:
    USA: Youri, Your work is absolutely brilliant! What fantastic colors, and design.
    You are always so innovative and ahead of the curve.