artifact I | 2016 | youri messen-jaschin | 3 dimension screenprinting |

Youri Messen-Jaschin new screenprinting Artifact I

IMG_1283Art Basel 2017 :

3D effects can not be perceived by the photo objective, you have to see the original to discover all effects, red is metallic..
Artifact I
1/15 prints
Print 69 x 69,5 cm
Mirriboard Paper 365 gm2
available – price on request                                                        Exhibition in Moscow | Channel One Television | November 2016
© 2016 photography | Pierre-Michel Delessert| Switzerland
® Prolitteris Universitaetstrasse 100 CH. 8033 Zurich Switzerland
Collector’s comment:
USA: Youri, Your work is absolutely brilliant! What fantastic colors, and design.
You are aways so innovative and ahead of the curve.

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