This color, that the artist loves so much – and which is incidentally the basis of his work, plus movement – still doesn’t make an entertainer. Quite the contrary. When he is in front of a canvas or a sculpture project, it’s serious: “I am very meticulous and picky.” It is a guarantee of quality in his work. Besides, he immediately clarifies, “I am and have to be very quiet because if I paint a straight line, it must be perfect and not curved.” In days of old, the designation “Master” was reserved for a painter who succeeded in drawing a perfect circle freehand. In that respect, this designation is well deserved since, in addition, it allows him to control … the square!
(Extract of the text of the art critic. Mr. Laurent Delaloye)
//Missing about 14 Oil Paintings, all my move to new studios and city’s, I lost a lot of pictures//

Youri Messen-Jaschin new screenprinting Artifact I


3D effects can not be perceived by the photo objective, you have to see the original to discover all effects, red is metallic..
Artifact I
1/15 prints
Print 69 x 69,5 cm
Mirriboard Paper 365 gm2
available – price on request
© 2016 photography | Pierre-Michel Delessert| Switzerland
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Collector’s comment:
USA: Youri, Your work is absolutely brilliant! What fantastic colors, and design.
You are aways so innovative and ahead of the curve.

Blue I | 2013 |
Paper: 101,5 x 71,5 cm
Print: 68 x 68 cm

Paper Lessebo Bright 400 g/m2
screenprinting 1/15 | available: 5 print’s |
available – price on request
Publication Television :
RTS | Swiss Television | Night News 7.30 pm | 15.08.2016 |
Published Book :
2009 Visarte Vaud Editor Jean Genoud SA Switzerland
2009 The Fascination of Technology – Faszination Technik What moves us – Was uns Bewegt Edition OSB Olympische Sport Bibliothek Cloppenburg Germany
2010 Swiss Philatelic Post
Museum collection …
2013 Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum Japan.
2013 Sakima Art Museum Préfecture d’Okinawa, Japan.
2013 Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum Japan.
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